K-trolley - proprietary machines and trolleys for the green space sector

We have very close ties to our customers, with mutual exchange of values. We learn a lot from our customers, who have used the wagons for several years. Together we can make improvements and extra equipment according to the customer's wishes.

Swedish quality

We have experience in delivering high quality products and comprehensive solutions for our customers to improve efficiency, which reduces both costs and environmental impact.

Our goal is to build machines with strength, long service life and high secondary value, in addition to the equipment that is available in the market today.

The result of this approach is the delivery of cost-effective customer, transport and handling solutions with the best in modern technology and modern design - combined with smart ideas that add value to you as

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60 years of experience

We who run K-Vagnen together have over 60 years of experience in manufacturing machinery and wagons for the green surface sector. We also have many talented employees who work to keep us at the forefront when it comes to high quality and a Swedish-made product. Our philosophy is that Swedish-made products should be in focus and have the highest quality in the market.

Production takes place in our own workshop in Karlshamn. Where we are currently, we are about 10 employees. K-Vagnen has been manufacturing wagons and other equipment for more than 30 years to municipalities, commercial administrations, housing companies, golf courses and contractors and others. To date, more than 10 K-Wagons have been manufactured as well as other products.