Machines for washing facades, corridors and other surfaces.


Machines for washing facades, corridors and other surfaces

When washing large surfaces such as walkways, scribbled walls and planks, a flexible washing solution is required that facilitates and streamlines daily work. This is where our washing machines come into the picture. Since they are driven from the vehicle they are mounted on (for example, a flatbed tractor or implement carrier), you never have to think about how to solve the current or the water supply. If you need to clean a downed plank at a football pitch without access to either electricity or water, this is a smart alternative. The possibility of adjusting the size and capacity of the machine according to its use is a further advantage. This means that our washing machines are well adapted to be used by both private and public companies. With us you will find solutions for everything from irrigation to scrubbing.

Different alternatives are suitable for different uses

The basic idea with our machines is that they should be a help and facilitate in moments where you might otherwise need to bring cord winds, power supplies, water tanks and the like. We offer several solutions for washing machines and their accessories. For example, you can choose between machines with different large water tanks and power capacity. These can then be adapted to the area of ​​use. To remove dirt from tombstones is often not as big a tank or for the force as to remove scribbles from a house wall. Feel free to contact us if you are not sure which type of machine is right for us, we are happy to help you choose the right one, and we are happy to adapt the different options according to the conditions you have.