Organic weed control and other cleaning at cemeteries, schools and other places in your municipality. For construction, park, municipality, agriculture, golf, housing companies etc.


Organic weed control with the K trolley

With us on the K-wagon you will find high-quality machines for efficient and organic weed control. We have an environmentally conscious perspective on all of our products, which is why we manufacture machines that remove weeds through decontamination with hot water. For larger green areas in your municipality such as at schools, cemeteries and other large properties and businesses where organic weed control is the best environmentally friendly alternative, our weed control machine K-HEAT is a proven tool. Our K-HEAT is available in 3 different models: K-HEAT Compact 9/110, K-HEAT Maxi 9/110 and K-HEAT Maxi Plus 15/160. Compact is our smallest model of 240 kg and a tank volume of 300 liters. However, this machine has the same water consumption (9 liters / min) and water temperature (98 degrees) as the Maxi model. Due to its lower weight and smoother design, the Compact model can be mounted on electric cars, cemetery trucks as well as on smaller wagons and cars - thus it becomes a rarely useful machine for ecological weed control at schools, cemeteries, narrow courtyards and other green spaces. The Maxi model is most often used with a truck, car trailer, tractor trailer or exchanger and is equipped with a power plant, which can be advantageous if you want a year-round power source for your tools.

With the K-HEAT Maxi Plus 15/160 you get a very powerful weed control machine with a water volume of 15 liters per minute and 160 bar high pressure washer (the above models have 110 bar high pressure washer). This force provides better conditions for both removing weeds and doing other work, such as clock washing, stone cleaning, scrubbing and other things.

Organic weed control and other cleaning at cemeteries, schools and other places in your municipality

Our K-HEAT models are equipped with a versatile unit that enables a very efficient and smooth control of weeds at schools, cemeteries and other green areas in your municipality. In addition, the high-pressure washer can effectively wash off benches, fences and patios and more, and the rotary shaft of the high-pressure washer is also ideally suited for cleaning plates, sweeping rooms and many other places. It is also great to use the K-HEAT machines for watering flowers and plantings (optional equipment with pillar-mounted Gardena hose wind (does not apply to the K-Heat Compact)).

When you buy a weed control machine from us, an optional PVC water tank is included in the highest quality; choose between 450, 600 or 1000 liters. The K-HEATS models are operated with a low and free flowing water pressure. Replacement of tools is done smoothly and quickly and all K-HEAT models are very easy to handle from the first moment.

Welcome to contact us for questions about our K-HEAT machines or general concerns about organic weed control in your municipality!