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Front loader Containers

Accessories for lifting machines - front loader container, counterweight, universal bucket etc.
When it comes to accessories for lifting machines, we have long experience and great opportunities to adapt the accessories to your needs in terms of dimensions and brackets. We have designed a qualitative range of accessories, where the focus is on front loader containers, counterweights and universal scopes, but also on more specific devices. Some types of work require very specific work accessories. This can be, for example, a garbage lift / vessel turn and a gravestone lift, where both mechanical parts and dimensions need to be specifically adapted to the task. At K-trolley, we have long experience of different trolley solutions, and we are happy to help you find the right special solution for the work you need to do.

Special manufacturer accessories, buckets and containers
Of course, for many of our accessories, it is possible to adapt to your needs. If you are looking for a universal scoop, we have designed a practical model for rice and compost, where the bracket can be adapted to your needs. We also have counterweights in our range. They are practical as they increase the stability of the vehicle. They can also be filled with tools and other things needed in the field. In our category for front load containers you will find different models that are adapted for different types of purposes. We have, for example, a covered front load container that has been specially designed for cemetery administrations, housing companies and others, but there is also a model with a fully open front for loading larger objects, such as refrigerators and hand mowers. Please contact us if you need advice on which container is the best fit.