Leaf suction / Leaf blow

Remove leaves from cemeteries, schools and other areas with various machines from the K-wagon. For construction, park, municipality, agriculture, golf, housing companies etc.

Get rid of leaves easily and quickly everywhere

We at the K-trolley have long experience of producing effective leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners that can remove leaves easily and quickly from cemeteries, schools or wherever the leaves are in your municipality. There are various types of machines and techniques for removing leaves from green areas or other land at municipal sites such as schools, sports facilities, cemeteries and squares, as well as private land areas such as real estate, golf courses or anywhere where the need to remove leaves exists. .
With the K-blower you can easily blow away leaves with the help of a driving machine, such as a tractor, a tool carrier or a mower. This leaf blower is hydraulically driven and mounted in the front of the driving machine. A major advantage of the K-blower is that it can easily be adapted to many different tractors.

For extensive and efficient leaf cleaning in large green areas around cemeteries, housing, sports venues and similar areas within your municipality, K-Sugen. This is one of the most powerful leaf loaders on the market and a well-known professional machine used by municipalities, real estate companies, cemetery administrations, golf courses and wherever it is important to keep the ground clean. With the K-suction you work freely on bushes, trees and discounts with the help of the 5 meter long hose which immediately sucks up leaves, paper and other debris directly onto the wagon surface. This machine has also been equipped with a new exhaust system, which makes it very quiet - perfect for work at, for example, cemeteries and residential areas.

Remove leaves from cemeteries, schools and other areas with various machines from the K-wagon

We provide more machines that make it easy to remove unwanted leaves from different green areas and fields within your municipality. The power take-off leaf extractor Tornado is a leaf extractor that with two simple bolt joints can easily be mounted in the front of a car chassis. Karlshamn Cemetery Management is a particularly satisfied and repeat customer of this machine.

For sucking shavings in buckets we have created our own shavers. This trolley can be used by anyone with a B driving license and can easily use the trolley's electric tip. The chips are sucked up into a hub and end up directly on the wagon surface. As a curiosity, it can be mentioned that in addition to being used at schools, cemeteries and other important institutions within municipalities, our chip extractor has also been a much appreciated machine at Täby Galopp.

Welcome to explore our wide range of leaf blowing and leaf blowing machines and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests!