Irrigation with water tanks, irrigation trolleys and water pumps at schools, cemeteries and other places in your municipality. For construction, park, municipality, agriculture, golf, housing companies etc.


Watering with water tanks, irrigation trolleys and water pumps at schools, cemeteries and other places in your municipality

For irrigation in your municipality, for example at schools and cemeteries, we offer various water tanks and irrigation trolleys that make irrigation in your municipality simple and effective. We have clients from many different institutions and administrations within both private and municipal management, and provide products for both small and large irrigation projects. Our water tanks are available in many different sizes between 300 and 5000 liters and all can be adapted to the specific needs of our customers. Our irrigation trolleys are standardized and are among the market's foremost. They are equipped with rotational molded plastic or hot-dip galvanized tank and have many other effective and advantageous properties.

In addition to water tanks and irrigation trolleys, we also sell professional hose reels in the following dimensions: 20 m ½ "hose, 30 m ½" hose, 20 m ¾ "hose and 25 m ¾" hose. We also have a large range of water pumps from the brand Honda.

We also offer a flushing ramp that fits most water tanks. This flushing ramp is especially useful before sanding, as the flushed water does not inflate any dust during the sanding. The size and power of the flushing tube can be adjusted according to the customer's wishes, but most often you use the self-pressure of the water tank during flushing.

K-trolley for different irrigation needs

Since we have a wide system for irrigation trolleys as well as irrigation tanks for use on flats, we also have a large clientele that includes municipalities, schools, cemetery administrations, real estate companies, contracts and more. We supply irrigation tanks with or without chassis of the desired size between 300 and 5000 liters and all tanks are equipped with an extra ball valve for filling in the watering can. Our Honda water pumps are gasoline powered and our smallest water pumps are available with 12v electric drive with battery. Our tanks that are larger than 1000 liters have a manhole hatch and whip shot. All our water tanks have hose reels with self-winding and hose control as well as the high quality Trelleborg hose.

Our irrigation trolleys and irrigation tanks can be ordered painted in the desired color, which is often appreciated by schools, cemeteries and other municipal activities that embrace the aesthetic flexibility of our various products. We therefore happily manufacture both function-adapted and color- and shape-adapted products depending on what you as a customer have for your wishes.

Welcome to explore our range of irrigation tanks and irrigation trolleys and do not hesitate to contact us for questions or requests!